Karakuri/LCA lift for SLC 600x400

Karakuri/LCA lift for SLC 600x400

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The lift automatically transports loaded small load carriers (SLCs) from a higher infeed level to a lower return level. The transition within the FIFO rack is smooth and muscle-free, as the dead weight of the transported goods is used in accordance with the Karakuri/LCA principles.
This basic model is designed for SLCs measuring 600 x 400 mm (with the long edge in the direction of travel). The counterweight must be dimensioned to suit the weight to be conveyed.
Numerous safety features characterize this solution: A braking roller controls the speed of the lift. The function is safeguarded by a double rope guide. Elastic profile end caps dampen the impact.
- Effortless provision of SLCs at the desired height
- Automatic lowering of the containers without electric drive
- Integrated FIFO rack for intralogistics solutions
- Basic model dimensions: 900 x 750 x 1600 mm
- Basic model optimized for transport boxes with a base area of 600 x 400 mm
- Height, width and depth of the solution can be easily adjusted in the item Engineeringtool
- Alternative versions available as further sample solutions


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