New products 2018/II (autumn)
Lean Production Building Kit System
Flag it up! The new Warning and Protective Profile D30 R28-90° combines Protective Profile D30 R28-90° with black/yellow hatched warning markings. The strikingly coloured impact cushioning is simply clipped into place to protect staff and material alike.
Prevent torsion! The new Fastener D30 T1 features an integrated and exceptionally robust anti-torsion feature made of aluminium. A narrow gap along the side also allows users to see how far into the Fastener the (Profile) Tube is inserted and creates a slot that can accommodate the connecting web on Double Profile Tube D30-60.
Move smoothly! The new Handle D30-300 comes with everything you need to get a hold on your transport trolley. It creates a DIN-standard-compliant handle that is automatically secured with a clearance that prevents hand injuries when moving the trolley from place to place.