Connecting elements
Ingenious fasteners
The unique concept of Fasteners D30 allows unrifled Tubes, Profile Tubes and Profiles with standard grooves to be connected together using the same fastening elements.
High clamping forces ensure the construction is stable and the item clamping technology prevents twisting in contact with unrifled Tubes.
item provides additional bracing struts as an optional extra to counteract high moment loads.

The D30 fastening elements support exceptional tolerance compensation – cut-offs of Tubes and Profiles do not need to be completely precise. They can be cut up to 5 mm shorter without affecting the holding force of the fastening.
Fundamentally, Profiles D30 or Tubes D30 do not need to be processed any further in order to be able to use the fastening elements!

Includes ESD
The fasteners in Line D30 automatically establish contact between the various components, thereby safely dissipating harmful electrostatic charges.