Line XMS

Line XMS
Clean lines on the outside, ingenious details on the inside – Line XMS meets all the requirements of modular series production. Fully compatible with the item MB Building Kit System, the XMS system has three defining features:
1. Line XMS produces load-bearing constructions with compartmentalised functional sections. That makes it extremely easy to build structures that are modular and easy to service.
2. Cables and hoses are safely routed through cable conduits that are integrated into the profiles. Everything is easily accessible but hidden from view.
3. Profiles XMS have closed outer surfaces to help keep production clean and seals that ensure doors close perfectly.
The integrated approach pursued by item puts your process first, not the installations. The machine frame and its functional sections help put your know-how centre stage.
Your ideas are worth it.
Building the perfect machine base from just a few components. Only Line XMS can do this! Modular, integrated and economical.
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