Multi-Segment RGB LED Strip Controller IO-Link 24VDC

Multi-Segment RGB LED Strip Controller IO-Link 24VDC


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Technical Data

All substances are registered according to the REACH regulation.REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) ensures that usershave accurate information on the type and properties of operating materials, lubricants, etc.that they might come into contact with.Components that are RoHS-compliant contain no dangerous substances such as lead or cadmium.EC Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS 1) restricts the use of certain substances in electronic devices and components.These include batteries, etc.

Scope of Delivery

1 Multi-Segment RGB LED Strip Controller IO-Link 24VDC
1 fastening set


Article number 0.0.721.35
ESD-safe No
Weight m = 147 g
Ambient temperature (during operation) -25 °C … +55 °C
Protection class IP 54
Interfaces IO-Link V1.1.3 Class B
Supply voltage . = 24 VDC
Delivery unit 1 pce.
Current consumption max. 2,8 A


Multi-Segment RGB LED Strip Controller IO-Link 24VDC is used to control a Multi-Segment RGB LED Strip (0.0.719.69). It offers four different modes that enable custom parametrisation via IO-Link.
The controller features three M12 connections that are used for communication with an IO-Link master, for power supply and for controlling a Multi-Segment RGB LED Strip.
Commissioning and setup can be carried out rapidly and easily directly on the controller or via an IO-Link master. Plug-In Power Supply 24V 1A M12 (0.0.720.39) is needed for operation.
Countdown mode:
Countdown mode visualises elapsed process time periods. The length of the time periods and the warning and alarm thresholds can all be freely selected, as can the colours and flashing mode.
Fill level mode:
Rising and falling fill levels can be visualised in this mode. Freely definable warning and alarm thresholds can be defined to show when a critical status has been reached due to levels falling too low or climbing too high.
Segment display mode:
One to five specific sections of the LED strip are actuated. This mode is a substitute for conventional machine traffic lights or stacked lights. Statuses can be visually depicted via patterns of lights or flashing patterns.
Highlight mode:
The entire LED strip lights up in one colour to ensure that process statuses are clearly visible. Various flashing patterns are available to choose from. Colours can be customised.

Assembly Instructions


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