Profile KH 8 80x40

Profile KH 8 80x40

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Technical Data

item products are based on different modular dimensions and their associated system grooves.Profiles from Lines 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 each need corresponding sizes of fasteners.The profiles in Line X feature a Line 8 system groove but have a particularly flat surface withminimum curve radii that make them ideal for building sealed constructions.


Article number 0.0.637.47
Line line 8
ESD ESD-safe = No
Cross-sectional area A = 16,8 cm2
Moment of Inertia, x-axis Ix = 26,99 cm4
Moment of Inertia, y-axis Iy = 101,79 cm4
Weight, spec. Length m = 2,08 kg/m
Delivery unit 1 pce., length 6000 mm
Material Wood-PP composite
Permissible groove extraction force F = 750 N
Colour anthracite
Resistance Moment, x-axis Wx = 13,49 cm3
Resistance Moment, y-axis Wy = 25,48 cm3


The metal-free alternative in the item MB Building Kit System. An innovative, high-strength material that is particularly easy to process.
Profile KH 8 40x40 is made from environmentally friendly material (more than 70% wood fibre) and has exactly the same design as the equivalent item aluminium profile. As a result, it is fully compatible with all attachments and can also be combined with other building kit system elements. The Profile 8 groove can accommodate all fastening elements and enables users to insert panels directly into profile frames.
A top-quality innovative material. The combination of thermoplastic and renewable raw materials offers the best of both worlds. Solid-coloured in elegant anthracite grey with a smooth plastic outer surface. Moisture resistant, dimensionally stable and strong – the ideal basis for lightweight applications. Thanks to ease of processing (the material is cut and drilled like conventional wood) and special, adapted fastening elements, no special machines or tools are needed when working with the new profiles.
When a construction has to be lightweight, when electrical insulation is a requirement, Profile KH is the answer.
The profile is also ideal for use with laboratory equipment for EMC measurements and when building shelving, table frames, guards and enclosures.
The logical progression for innovative Profiles 8 KH!
The enlarged cross-section of Profile KH 8 80x40 exhibits added bending strength and enables users to build frames with higher load-carrying capacities. Six grooves offer fastening options on all sides.
Profiles 8 KH are based on an innovative composite material that is 70 percent wood fibre. They are neutral as regards magnetic fields and electrically insulating. This makes them the ideal complement to aluminium profiles.

Assembly Instructions

Profiles KH 8 are connected using a special Standard-Fastening Set or Angle Bracket Sets 8 PA. Cap 8 80x40 seals off the profile end face.


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