Return hatch with foot pedal release (300 x 400 mm transverse)

Return hatch with foot pedal release (300 x 400 mm transverse)

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A foot-operated return hatch increases productivity and ergonomics when processing small load carriers (SLC). Incoming transport containers are guided from a higher feed level to the removal point according to the FIFO principle. At the end of the work process, the return hatch uses a Karakuri/LCA mechanism to automatically feed the small load carriers back onto a lower roller conveyor. Loading and unloading are triggered together by a foot switch.
An employee can therefore concentrate purely on adding value, while the Karakuri/LCA rack takes over the (non-value-adding) handling of the SLCs. This sample solution is designed for the ergonomic provision of 300 x 400 x 80 mm containers with a smooth base. The direction of travel is transverse. The wider sides of the KLT are therefore aligned with the return flap.
The two conveyor sections with roller conveyors can be extended or adapted as required. An incline of at least 3° is recommended.


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