Stairway/Platform System

Stairway/Platform System
TPS makes it easier than ever to reach every part of a machine and work on various levels. Bridges, maintenance platforms for elevated sections of machinery and allround working platforms can all be built using the same system.
Inspired by the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, item is bringing a whole new dimension to factory equipment engineering.
Faster: item fastening technology enables users to build stable stairways and systems without the need for additional welded seams or complex mitre cuts. Intelligent, multifunctional fastening technology adapts to suit the relevant requirements so that users don’t need to have a specialist module for each individual scenario. All the solutions can be also be easily extended at a later point in time.
Higher: Customised stairways enable “access to all areas” with either convenient or space-saving designs. Four pitches are available – 30°, 38°, 45° and 60°. Safe and secure platforms can be used to create an additional working level.
Stronger: Stable guard-rails and numerous integrated safety functions make TPS a reliable partner. The strong build of the system means that stanchions can be installed at intervals of up to 1200 mm and platforms can cover an area as big as 36 m2. The additional use of the Line 8 groove opens up the entire MB Building Kit System as a source of potential add-ons, enabling users to combine working platforms with protective enclosures and doors, for example.
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