Table Column Set 4 E HD ESD 230V

Table Column Set 4 E HD ESD 230V


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Technical Data

Work Bench SystemComponents with this symbol meet the requirements of IEC 61340-5-1 and are therefore suitable for use in EPAs (electrostatic protected areas). By complying with the further stipulations of this standard you can use these products to create a safe environment for handling electronic components.All substances are registered according to the REACH regulation.REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) ensures that usershave accurate information on the type and properties of operating materials, lubricants, etc.that they might come into contact with.Components that are RoHS-compliant contain no dangerous substances such as lead or cadmium.EC Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS 1) restricts the use of certain substances in electronic devices and components.These include batteries, etc.

Scope of Delivery

4 columns, Al, anodized, natural, with 1.7 m cable
Control unit with 3 m mains cable
Table switch panel, 3 positions storable, digital height gauge with 2 m cable
Nominal voltage: 230V~ 50/60 Hz
Total lifting force: 10000 N
Permitted bending moment:
Mbx stat. 1200 Nm, Mby stat. 450 Nm
Mby dyn. 550 Nm, Mby dyn. 200 Nm
Lifting speed: max. 9 mm/s
Duty cycle: 5 %
Temperature range: -5°C to 40°C
Protection: IP30 (columns, manual controls), IP20 (control unit)
Conformity: CE
Installation guide


Article number 0.0.701.53
Line Work Bench System
ESD-safe Yes
Weight m = 54,86 kg
Delivery unit 1 set
Stroke max. Hmax = 400 mm
Max. load-carrying capacity F = 10000 N


Lift more! The item Table Column Sets E HD offer an electrical solution for adjusting the height of even very heavy loads. These high-performance lifting columns form the basis for heavy-duty tables that, in the case of Table Column Set 2 E HD ESD 230V, feature two table legs designed for an overall load-carrying capacity of up to 600 kg and, in the case of Table Column Set 4 E HD ESD 230V, feature four columns designed to hold up to one metric ton.
The maximum travel distance is 400 mm at a speed of max. 9 mm/s. Besides supporting custom adjustment, the control system also has a memory function so the table can move automatically to three stored working heights at the touch of a button.
Motor Extension Cable HD, 1.2m can be used to cover longer distances between the control system and table leg on large work benches.
item Groove Plate X 8 40 (0.0.705.30) or an item table top are ideal additions when building assembly work benches for heavy components.


CAD Data

"Table Column Set 4 E HD ESD 230V" is a product-set and contains the same article 4 times. The representation in the CAD data therefore differs from the actual BOM content.


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