The best organisers are extremely flexible. Exactly like the new item SystemMobiles. These new products combine a lightweight solution with exceptional carrying capacity and an optimised chassis. They are the ideal solution for getting materials and workpieces where they are needed fast. The customisable design principles of these transport trolleys mean they can be adapted to all working processes, thereby helping to improve the speed and flexibility of production systems.
Their outstanding versatility and a wide range of frame sizes and heights make SystemMobiles L, T and U the perfect partners for all transport tasks. The three design variants have been developed to provide the optimum solution for a range of different applications.
SystemMobiles L are the ideal addition to standalone work stations. They bring working materials closer to personnel and support rapid and ergonomic handling. Rear-facing material provisioning makes short work of reconfiguring work benches for new products.
SystemMobiles T have central struts that allow easy access to shelves and storage boxes from both sides.  As a result, tools and materials can be placed between two work stations. Parallel removal and filling also supports group work with a flexible material flow.
SystemMobiles U transport heavy loads with maximum safety. Four stable struts located directly over the transport castors ensure the trolley is exceptionally stable and provide secure support for Shelves. Consequently, even complete mobile work stations and other special solutions can be moved around with ease.
SystemMobiles S are exceptionally compact. These manoeuvrable picking and provisioning trolleys get tools and small quantities of materials to where they are needed – fast. The single central column is also available in a height-adjustable version. The all-round edging on the tray makes sure everything stays put so that both standard storage boxes and individual items can be moved around as necessary.
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