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Robot enclosure with conveyor belt

Robot enclosure with conveyor belt

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For automated production, this application combines a safe enclosure for a cobot with the supply and removal of material via a conveyor belt. Thanks to the item conveyor belt system, the length, width and type of conveyor belt can be perfectly adapted to the material being conveyed, just like the railing. The enclosure with large protective panes made of impact-resistant acrylic glass means that even short cycle times can be achieved safely at high speeds.
The housing has large, lockable doors at the rear. The full-surface item groove plate creates a variable working area on which the Cobot can be variably positioned using a robot mounting plate. The lower level has plenty of space for the controller and other electrical equipment.

- Secure enclosure with acrylic glass panes
- Large groove plate for individual superstructures
- Conveyor belt can be easily adapted to the user
- Plenty of storage space for electrics and controllers on the lower level
- Good accessibility thanks to large, lockable doors
- Enclosure can be anchored to the floor
- Basic model dimensions: 2000 x 1700 x 1900 mm
- Height, width and depth of the solution can be easily adjusted in the item Engineeringtool

Note: Depending on the scaling of the solution, operating mode and robot model, the stability and design must be checked.


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