Groove Plate X 8 40, light

Groove Plate X 8 40, light

200 3,000
200 1,600
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Technical Data


Line line X
Line line 8
ESD-safe Yes
Weight, spec. Surface m = 37.5 kg/m2
Delivery unit 1 pce.
Status on delivery Preassembled


Groove Plate X 8 40 can be used to build large, sturdy working surfaces or complete walls with continuous grooves stretching from one end to the other.
This solution makes it easy to fasten workpieces in place precisely and flexibly. Jigs, machines and tools can also be positioned in just a few swift moves.
Please note the elastic deformation of a Groove Plate that is supported on all four sides when under load (area: 1000 x 1000 mm).
The grooves are designed for extraction forces up to 2500 N.

Groove Plate Profile 8 400x14 (0.0.678.02) is available for lightweight applications such as fastening in place hooks and holders.

Assembly Instructions

Groove Plate, Profiles X 8 and Direct-Fastening Sets (0.0.388.63) will be configured in line with the dimensions you enter. Brackets 8 80x40 flat (0.0.692.16) and Step Spacer Profiles (0.0.650.76) provide added bending strength. The end faces can be covered with Cap X 8 80x40 2N180 (0.0.716.35).


CAD Data