Clamp Profile 8 32x18

Clamp Profile 8 32x18

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item products are based on different modular dimensions and their associated system grooves.Profiles from Lines 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 each need corresponding sizes of fasteners.The profiles in Line X feature a Line 8 system groove but have a particularly flat surface withminimum curve radii that make them ideal for building sealed constructions.All substances are registered according to the REACH regulation.REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) ensures that usershave accurate information on the type and properties of operating materials, lubricants, etc.that they might come into contact with.Components that are RoHS-compliant contain no dangerous substances such as lead or cadmium.EC Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS 1) restricts the use of certain substances in electronic devices and components.These include batteries, etc.


Article number 0.0.373.67
Line line 8
Property natural
ESD-safe No
Cross-sectional area A = 2,49 cm2
Moment of Inertia, torsional It = 0,23 cm4
Moment of Inertia, x-axis Ix = 1,88 cm4
Moment of Inertia, y-axis Iy = 1,1 cm4
Weight, spec. Length m = 0,67 kg/m
Delivery unit cut-off max. 6000 mm
Material Al, anodized
Resistance Moment, x-axis Wx = 1,16 cm3
Resistance Moment, y-axis Wy = 1,23 cm3


Particularly suitable for constructing light guards and enclosures, sliding doors and other panelling structures.
The panel element is secured in the groove by a Clamp Spring.
Clamp Profile 8 32x18:
The panel element is held in a special groove of the profile with the help of Clamping Springs.
This increases the resistance against the enclosed panel being pressed out. This resistance depends on the number of Clamping Springs used.
Instead of Clamping Spring 8, a Lip Seal 8 can also be used for securing inherently stable panel elements.
Clamp-Profile Fastening Set 8 32x18 ensures a correctly positioned corner connection for the profiles.
Clamp-Profile Fastening Set 8 32x18 ensures a correctly positioned corner connection for the profiles.
The number of Clamping Springs required depends on the load, the inherent stability and the size of the panel element.
10 mm thick panel elements can be fitted into the groove without using Clamping Springs.
Folding-Door Hinge Al for Clamp Profile 8 32x18 is used to link together separate segments to create space-saving folding doors. Thanks to the Hinges, the moving elements fold up in a concertina formation.


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