Basic model Double Timing Belt Conveyor - accumulating and ESD-safe

Basic model Double Timing Belt Conveyor - accumulating and ESD-safe

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The Double Timing Belt Conveyor with a total width of 320 mm and the 80 mm wide timing belts that are capable of accumulating is suitable for handling non-intrinsically stable load carriers. With the ESD-safe Timing Belt, sensitive electronic parts can be easily transported in ESD load carriers, for example. With the accumulation-capable conveyor belts, it is also possible to accumulate the load carriers in a defined position, e.g. to carry out assembly work, removal and testing, or to buffer them. A total load of up to 50 kg can be transported and stowed in the 2000 mm length. The maximum line load is 25 kg/m.
The Double Timing Belt Conveyor 8 40 D is available with an accumulating, ESD-safe as well as non-accumulating Timing Belt in two widths and in lengths up to 6000 mm. The durable Timing Belts with integrated steel strands transport even heavy transport pieces without slipping.

Notes on industrial conveyor belts:
- The choice of motor must be adapted to the characteristics of the process and the material being moved.
- The upright must be reinforced by a longitudinal brace and additional uprights should be installed for support from a length of 2000 mm.
- ESD compliance must be checked according to the specifications of the handled components and verified at regular intervals.
- The Double Timing Belt Conveyor 8 40 D-80 with ESD-safe, accumulating belt can be operated with a maximum load of 50 kg and a line load of 25 kg/m.


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