Lifting-Door Guide Profile 8 80x80

Lifting-Door Guide Profile 8 80x80

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Technical Data


Article number 0.0.474.99
Line line 8
Property natural
ESD-safe No
Weight, spec. Length m = 5,51 kg/m
Delivery unit 1 pce., length 6000 mm
Material Al, anodized


Lifting-Door Guide Profile 8 80x80
Special profile with integrated guide for the lifting door. This profile is used to construct the uprights. Profile 8 grooves on the side faces and rear side enable the lifting door to be integrated into the guard unit and for safety devices to be fitted.
The lifting-door system from item is a modular solution that adapts to suit the specific requirements for a system. Your sales partner will design a customised configuration that meets your needs, which can be delivered to you either as complete, ready-to-install lifting doors or construction kits.
The lifting-door system comprises vertical lifting guides, door hanging system, counterweight, drive and arrester mechanism. The lifting door is constructed to suit the user’s needs from a frame made using Line 6 Profiles which encloses any chosen panel element. Lifting doors should be a maximum of 2 m wide and not weigh more than 35 kg in total.
To ensure smooth operation, the lifting door uses a chain and counterweight. This runs entirely within the stand profile, thus ensuring there is no risk of injury from moving parts. An arrester mechanism halts the lifting door if it inadvertently falls. The Chain Reverse Units are designed to permit the lifting door to be driven automatically.
Lifting-door frame
Ideally suited for Clamp Profiles 6 30x30. The door is moved vertically in Lifting-Door Guide Profile 8 80x80 with a roller guide and with minimal noise and friction being generated. It is advisable for the horizontal profiles of the moving door frame to extend over the entire width (a-100).
Lifting-door system with circulating chain
A special design for ensuring precise movement of lifting door and counterweight.
The motor can drive the lifting door at any Chain Reverse Unit.
Where motors are fitted with brakes, a counterweight is not needed.


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